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I know I have some HP fans in my flist, so come talk about the movies with me!

Since DH is coming out next week, I've been in the mood to talk about Harry Potter. I know there is a long HP meme going around that I'll probably do eventually, but I want to get people's opinions about the movies.

So answer these questions if you want or just tell me what you think about them in general.

1. What is your favorite movie and why?
2. What is your least favorite movie and why?
3. What character do you wish had been included in the movies?
4. What scene/plot do you wish had been included in the movies?
5. What was the best scene addition in the movies?
6. Who is the best cast character in the movies?
7. Who is the worst cast character in the movies?
8. Is there an actor you would have rather seen in the movies than whoever they got to play that role?
9. What scene had the best book to movie adaptation?
10. What scene had the worst book to movie adaptation?
11. What's your favorite special effect in the movie?
12. Which creature did they do the best job of bringing to life?
13. Which creature did they do the worst job of bringing to life?
14. What are you hoping to see in the final movie?

I'm sure there are so many more things that could be discussed, but these are the ones I seem to talk about with people most often. Have fun!
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